Activator Technique

In need of an adjustment but concerned about twisting and manual force? Dr. James Sylvia and the team at Berkeley Chiropractic Center in Kinston, NC, offer the Activator Technique to provide gentle yet effective relief.

Understanding the Activator Technique in Chiropractic Care

You’ve heard about adjustments and may have even had someone recommend you get one for your pain. However, you might be a bit reluctant, as the idea of being twisted and sustaining manual force doesn’t seem like something that would be helpful.

While traditional adjustments aren’t painful, it’s understandable that some people wish to avoid them. There are also cases in which manual adjustments aren’t right for a particular patient.

The good news is that you can enjoy the benefits of adjustments without manual manipulation thanks to the activator technique. Below, Dr. Sylvia and the team at Berkeley Chiropractic Center in Kinston, NC, explain this method of adjustment and how it works.

What Is the Activator Technique?

The Activator Method uses a hand-held tool to perform adjustments. This tool is typically spring-loaded, so it provides a quick, limited-force thrust to the target area. Some newer models don’t use a spring but are instead electric.

What Are the Benefits of Using This Technique?

There are several benefits of the Activator Method, one of which is that it provides an incredibly gentle adjustment that allows people of all ages, conditions, and comfort levels to experience the benefits that proper alignment can provide.

Another benefit is that the Activator Method provides very localized treatment. This leads to a much more precise adjustment. Additionally, it can be used on smaller areas that might be difficult with manual adjustments.

Activator Method adjustments are also fast. With traditional, hands-on adjustments, the patient can feel when the force or movement is coming. Unfortunately, this typically leads to the muscles tensing, which can cause resistance that limits the impact of the adjustment. With the Activator Method, the muscles do not have time to tense up so much, which allows for a much more effective adjustment.

Learn more about the Activator Technique and the benefits it can provide by visiting Dr. Sylvia at Berkeley Chiropractic Center in Kinston, NC. Call (919) 341-1818 to schedule your appointment today.

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