Personal Injury

If you suffer from personal injury pain, Dr. James Sylvia  and Dr. Michael Forsythe of Berkeley Chiropractic Center can assist. They offer a range of services at there Goldsboro, NC, practice and can address various injuries. 

Types of Personal Injury Pain 

You may fall on a slippery floor and sprain your ankle. From playing tennis every day, you could develop tendonitis in your elbow. 

You could strain a muscle in your back from repeatedly lifting or twisting. 

If you get into a car accident, you could develop personal injury pain. 

And these are merely some of the types of personal injuries that could arise. Fortunately, Dr. Sylvia and Dr. Forsythe can offer treatment. 

Diagnosing Your Problem 

Before our practitioners can determine the appropriate treatment approach for you, we will first need to assess the extent of your personal injury. 

The first step is usually asking you to complete a medical history form, which provides our chiropractor with information about any previous injuries, conditions, or illnesses that could be contributing to the problem.

Our chiropractors will ask you questions about your injury and will want to know what symptoms you have and when you experience them the most. 

During the diagnostic process, our practitioner may ask you to move in certain ways to view your range of motion. Our chiropractors will often press on the area gently to assess it for swelling, tightness, or painful spots. 

Treating a Personal Injury 

The treatment you receive depends on your particular injury. If you have a back or neck injury Dr. Sylvia and Dr. Forsythe may recommend a spinal adjustment. With this treatment, our chiropractors will move your vertebrae so they realign. As a result, you'll have less pressure on the discs and surrounding soft tissue, and blood can more optimally flow throughout the area to promote healing. 

For certain extremity injuries, our chiropractors may perform an alignment and realign the joint to relieve pressure. 

Exercise therapy is another treatment Dr. Sylvia and Dr. Forsythe may recommend. You'll be guided through exercises by our practitioners that slowly work that particular body part. It can help ease some of the pain while optimizing your range of motion. 

Often, our practitioners will recommend treatments like cold laser therapy to ease your pain and promote healing. 

When you need personal injury pain relief, Dr. Sylvia and Dr. Forsytheof Berkeley Chiropractic Center, serving Goldsboro, NC, and the general vicinity, can provide relief. Our practitioners can also promote healing. 

Book an appointment today to discover for yourself how our chiropractors can help with your personal injury discomfort by calling 919-341-1818.

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