Neck Pain Treatments

Neck pain can be acute or chronic. It can be the result of an injury, having a workplace that is not ergonomic, or just sleeping in the wrong position or with the wrong pillow. No matter the cause, what you need is relief. Dr. James Sylvia of Berkeley Chiropractic Center in Goldsboro, NC has the treatments to provide you with the relief you require. 

Chiropractic adjustment

Chiropractic adjustments come in many forms but all of them have the same objective: to get the body back into alignment. Even the smallest misalignment can affect how efficiently your body operates. Chiropractic care is a whole-body approach, where one part affects the other. Dr. Sylvia uses a variety of methods of adjustment, including Diversified, Activator, Gonstead, and Thompson Drop-table.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

If the pain in your neck is caused by pressure from a disc on the nerves, spinal decompression therapy can help to relieve that pain by stretching the spine. When the spine is gently stretched, it allows the space between the vertebrae to increase ever so slightly and creates suction that pulls the disc back to where it belongs. 

Hydrocollator Packs

These heating pads use bentonite clay which evenly distributes and holds heat for up to 30 minutes. They provide soothing relief for arthritis, inflammation, and painful strained soft tissue. It allows the neck to before or after manipulation. 

Electrical Stimulation Therapy

Stiff tense muscles can give you neck pain and limit your range of motion. E-stim uses electricity to cause the muscles to relax, which allows other therapies to work better. It also reduces inflammation and stimulates the production of endorphins, which naturally reduce your pain level.  

Cold laser therapy

Cold laser therapy uses low-spectrum light waves to induce your cells to release more energy. It reduces inflammation and promotes healing below the surface. 

Therapeutic exercise

Therapeutic exercise helps with rehab and allows the chiropractor to design a special personalized program of stretches and other exercises to help you continue your healing while you are at home. 

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